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Compared to other mortgage brokers in the industry we focus on getting our customers to engage with our brand. We ensure they receive a Madd experience from start to finish. This is how we have been able to double our loan volumes each year.

Educating our customers is a major priority and the feedback we receive is that they appreciate the time we take to educate them. From negotiating on a property to education on how to pay their home loan off sooner.

We have trained a very strong team who all have the same end goal in mind for the customer to have a happy experience and that means getting their loan approved first time. In fact, we pride ourselves on not getting declines. We keep in close contact with the client every step of the way and go out of our way to make it fun.

Our business is built on referrals

Although we actively advertise our brand, our number one source of business is referrals and we believe that this is because we offer a high level of service, meaning out customers want to tell their friends and family about Madd.

We send out a customer satisfaction survey at the end of every loan settlement with the aim to get valuable feedback on what we are doing right, and where we can improve.

Our customer satisfaction rate is 98%, and we review feedback during our weekly team meetings to ensure that we are all recognised for our great customer service, and we are all held accountable for areas where we can improve.

Madd in the media

Madd Loans has been featured across a range of media including local newspapers and magazines. We are also the first mortgage brokerage to feature on the Tom Panos podcast, Million Dollar Broker. In April this year, we were also featured on Channel 10’s morning show, Studio Ten.

We understand the value of recognition in the industry and we actively seek to obtain this by nominating for awards. Awards that we have won include:

  • The Adviser Magazine Broker Profile Young Gun 2013 for MPA Magazine
  • Best Independent Office 2014 for The Adviser Magazine
  • Ranked 6th biggest loan writer in Australia under 30 2013 for The Adviser Magazine
  • Young Gun of the year 2014 Connective National Excellence Awards
  • Best Marketing Connective National Excellence Awards
  • Ranked 50th biggest loan writer in Australia 2014 for MPA Magazine
  • Ranked 7th biggest loan writer in Australia under 30 2014 for The Adviser Magazine
  • Rising Star QLD 2015 Better Business Awards, The Adviser
  • Best Loan Administator QLD 2015 Better Business Awards, The Adviser


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We love our customers.

“Thank you to George and the team at Madd Loans! You really went above and beyond to help me get a loan to buy my very first home.”

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National & QLD/NT Winner

Congratulations to George Samios from Madd Loans! George has won the 2016 FBAA National and QLD/NT Finance Broker of the year.