Buying a car?

Why not let Madd Loans help take the hassle out of finding the right car loan for you, as well as saving you a few dollars in the process. Our buying power means that we have access to particularly low rates across most banks and lenders on the market, which as well as saving you money, will help to take the stress out of the whole process.

Whether you’ve already chosen a car, or are just doing your homework, Madd Loans can help to identify your personal profile and preferred loan option, and then match it with the best solution on the market.

Why use Madd Loans?

1. We make it easy

We save our clients time, research and effort. The hard work for seeking car finance options is done by us and presented to you to compare rates and terms for your specific car loan.

2. We have access to more lenders and loan products

With access to a number of lenders, our clients have a larger choice of loan products and the opportunity to save money.

3. Experience and one on one service

We have qualified knowledge of which lender and their products are best suited to our clients needs. Let us work with you one on one to create your finance application and get Madd rate.

MADD Loans