Seven Financial Goal Setting Tips To Kickstart 2021

In order to reach a destination, you need a map – which is why financial goal setting tips are essential if you want to bring your monetary dreams to life.  The old saying goes that if you’ve failed to plan, you’re unwittingly planning to fail. When it comes to managing your money, it’s also not […]

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Australian House Prices Set To Rise

According to those in the know, Australian house prices are unsurprisingly set to rise in the not so distant future – but how do you capitalise on it in time?  While we can now refer to 2020 as many things, “surprising” is a term that springs to mind if referring to the Australian property market. […]

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What Affects Your Credit Score?

Before you jump at “buy now, pay later” apps like Afterpay and ZipPay, do you know what affects your credit score vs what doesn’t?  Your credit score (or your credit rating) will generally range from 0 to either 1000 or 1200, depending on the credit bureau calculating it. The higher the number, the more favourable […]

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Seven Money Saver Apps To Get You Financially Fit

Whether you struggle to stick to a budget, save part of your income or keep track of your expenses, the good news is that there’s money saver apps galore in 2021. Gone are the days of keeping your receipts in a shoe box or struggling with an excel spreadsheet. We live in an age where […]

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What Banks Look For In House Loan Applications

Hoping to get preapproved for a mortgage this year? Then be aware of what banks class as potential red flags when it comes to house loan applications. On paper, you might be under the impression that you’re a great candidate for a home loan with a stable job and a solid savings history. However, unfortunately […]

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