September RBA Announcement 2018

I Want to Check Out Your Workshop for First Time Investors

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August Madd Market Wrap

I Want to Check out Your Workshop for First-Time Investors

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August RBA 2018

 George announces the cash rate the RBA has come to today and also gives you insight on what you can expect to see happen within the property and mortgage market.

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Will I Benefit From Refinancing My Property?

Many homeowners find that refinancing their home loan can make life easier and bring monthly savings to their home budget. While it is true that refinancing for those with good credit scores is easy, for those with bad credit scores it may not be so bright.  They may be faced with the challenge of finding […]

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How to Go About Refinancing

Thinking about refinancing?  Refinancing your property requires a bit of thought on your part and is like any major purchasing decision.  You want to be methodical about the process and make sure that it is the best option for you.   This article will go through a number of steps you will need to take […]

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