What are split loans?

Split loans offer a happy medium between the security of fixed interest and the potential lower rates of variable interest. By dividing up your mortgage, you aren’t putting all of your eggs into the one financial basket. While we are unlikely to see negative interest rates released, they have now reached as low as 0.25% […]

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150K Instant Asset Write Off – What you need to know!

With record low interest rates, the big banks are doing unbelievable equipment finance deals. This has been backed by the Australian Government’s $150,000 instant asset write off. Considering that this was previously limited to a maximum of $30,000 – it’s a huge incentive for businesses to get things rolling again. In terms of eligibility, the […]

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Should I Buy or Sell During COVID?

“These are unprecedented times” – a phrase you have no doubt heard on countless occasions within the last few months. COVID-19 has brought a level of uncertainty that none of us have ever quite seen before in our lifetimes. For many everyday Australians, this has developed into somewhat of a black cloud hanging over our […]

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Why you should consider refinancing during the ‘Corona Crash’

Although the novel coronavirus pandemic is causing continued global and economic uncertainty, there is a silver lining. The economic disruption COVID-19 has caused has triggered mortgage rates to become volatile, with Australia’s lowest ever recorded interest rates recorded now on offer. Refinancing your home loan while interest rates are low can save Australian homeowners big […]

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