Local Coffee Shop Initiative

Communities have long served as the backbone of social and economic growth throughout human history. Pioneers exploring new parts of the world depended on both forming and joining communities of like-minded folks for their very survival, and is a mindset that’s still relevant even now. 

It’s no secret that many hospitality venues and outlets bore the brunt of ongoing lockdowns on a national scale. Often the first to be hit with density limits, trading restrictions and even cuts in consumer spending, the average corner coffee shop would quite literally disappear without the support of its local community – and it’s for that reason that George and the team at Madd Loans have introduced the Madd Local Coffee Shop Initiative. 

Imagine this: you took a stroll to one of the many Brisbane cafes as a means to support your local. You make your way to the counter, order your favourite caramel latte, and whip out your wallet to pay for it. However, there’s one small catch – Madd Loans have already paid for it! 

First introduced in August 2021, the Madd Local Coffee Shop Initiative first involved partnering with The Rabbit Hole Cafe in Seven Hills, and Kuhl Cher Coffee in Bowen Hills. Both regarded as the “local” for staff at each of the Madd Loans offices, the team noticed how ongoing lockdowns were negatively affecting both morale and the books. 

As a means to assist both customers and their peers in business, George started the Local Coffee Shop Initiative to allow the first one hundred patrons of any random day to receive a coffee on the house, and paid for by Madd Loans. While one of the best parts of an initiative such as this is its capacity to unexpectedly make someone’s day, it has also been designed to provide a little bit of help with the pressures faced by Queensland’s hospitality industry.