SuperStars Dance Studio

While SuperStars Dance Studios certainly has humble beginnings, founder Rach Tiernan goes way back with George Samios and the team at Madd Loans. In fact, SuperStars was one of George’s very first clients, and takes great pride in the fact that his services helped to boost Rach to the next level of business back in 2003. With George and the team at Madd Loans now proudly sponsoring the annual SuperStars Dance Studio concert, he’s proud to now see his own daughter Georgina learn the magic of dancing under Rachel’s guidance. 

Today, SuperStars Dance Studios is one of the leading dance and performance schools in Brisbane. Based locally in Carina Heights, the SuperStars community of dancing kings and queens now stretched to more than six hundred families who primarily reside in Brisbane’s Eastern Suburbs. However, SuperStars has never been your average dance studio – in fact, Rach did everything in her power to ensure that it wasn’t. 

Rach graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Drama & Dance), and has been a professional performer for twenty years in many stage productions, advertisements, films, modelling and live events. However, her vision for SuperStars was to create a place where kids could learn dance, song and drama without the pressure of intense competition or overly complex techniques. 

With no make-up, expensive costumes or strict performance mandates, SuperStars is a community that celebrates the individuality of every child, and instead places a focus on confident, happy kids that genuinely enjoy coming to dance class. It’s for this reason that George’s own girls are now proud members of the SuperStars dance community, and why Madd Loans have proudly been long time major sponsors. By providing assistance with everything and anything from producing flyers, providing photography backdrops and even purchasing equipment for major dance concert events, the long term partnership between Rach and George shows now more than ever – community is everything.