Villanova Scholarship

Established in 1948, Villanova College caters for approximately 1, 340 boys in three schools ranging from Year Five to Year Twelve. Villanova College has a long history of excellence, with just a handful of its most prominent alumni including former Attorney General for Australia George Brandis, NRL superstar Brad Meyers, journalist Chris Reason, and our very own George Samios.

George found his time at Villanova to be hugely influential during his formative years. It’s for this reason that every year, Madd Loans donates one scholarship to the value of $10, 000 to Villanova, so that a young man from a less fortunate background can still have access to a great education without having to worry about the barrier of school fees.

Although George graduated from Villanova as an “old boy” in 2006, it was during his time here that George received an education that went far beyond reading and writing. As a teenager, Villanova quickly provided insights linked to the fact that no matter what your parents did for work, what suburb you grew up in or what kind of car your family had, each boy was treated as an equal. Along with achieving his very first goal of being selected for Villanova’s rugby team, George quickly learned that if you surround yourself with a good team and aren’t afraid of hard work, then anything is possible. 

Oddly enough, many members of the extended Madd Loans business community also attended Villanova College, with many even heading back to the school to speak to current students about their future career paths. Despite being one of Queensland’s most prominent private schools, scholarship initiatives like the Terry Hendle Bursary aims to ensure no boy should miss out on the opportunities and fellowship of a Villanova education due to financial hardship. Since its inception, the fund has provided over $200, 000 of important tuition fee support across forty families, so it’s no surprise that George is still proud of his ties to Villanova.