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Madd Challenge

Regardless of the size of your brand or the sector in which you operate in, there’s plenty of opportunities to engage and ultimately show up for your community.

This is especially relevant for a business like Madd, which has been predominantly built on referrals and the strong support of the network around them. Owner and founder George Samios is all too aware that the business may not be in the position that it is today without that community, and in turn has been on the hunt for a means to return the favour. 

It’s not uncommon for many brands and businesses to hold annual fundraisers, or throw their support behind major events once or twice a year. In fact, Madd have long done the same via sponsoring local sporting clubs and the annual Greek Paniyiri Festival – but what if a brand could extend that same support on a daily basis? 

Madd Challenge 2021 RBWH

The Madd Challenge aims to embody this line of thinking via ‘Making A Difference Daily’. After throwing ideas around the office, the concept came to Madd’s very own Director of First Impressions, Tia Niarhos, after the positive actions of bigger corporations came to her attention.

“George was regularly encouraging us to come up with ideas as to how we could give back to our community on a more regular basis. A friend worked for Deloitte, and mentioned their philanthropic efforts to me in passing. She introduced their year round community support model dubbed Impact Every Day, in which over 70,000 of their employees worldwide made a conscious effort to volunteer and throw their collective weight behind a range of social causes, such as education, climate change, workplace diversity, and a collection of sponsorships. It really hit home with what George was talking about regarding smaller and more regular contributions to our own community, which is how the concept of the Madd Challenge was born.” 

Needless to say, with 365 days in a year, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what the team at Madd hope to achieve by “Making A Difference Daily”. While smaller scale events within the community, such as walks, staff events and fundraisers are on the cards, George, Tia and the team’s long term vision is to get other businesses involved too. After all, more brands equal more manpower, which translates to more good deeds on a day to day basis. 

The Madd Challenge is arguably a conscious process based on things that Madd Loans have been doing already, such as the COVID-19 Care Packages. One specific example would include a Madd customer who owns a busy fruit and vegetable distribution business, supplying stock to Brisbane’s busy hospitality industry. However, as restaurants faced forced closures almost overnight, this gentleman faces significant financial pressures.

After a handful of sleepless nights, George had an idea. In order to provide assistance to both the business owner and his other clients – “Madd Hampers” were born. Madd Loans arranged 100 gift baskets to be delivered to their clients who had recently been affected, containing groceries sourced from the business owner, eggs, and even toilet paper. 

One of those Madd clients who received a hamper was Brooke, who oddly enough, is now an employee of Madd Loans just twelve months later. Sometimes, things come full circle, what goes around does indeed come back around. 

If you’re a brand or business and would like to get involved with the Madd Challenge, get in touch with George, Tia and the team to discuss what you can do for your community today.