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Madd Life

 We have created some really simple but effective ways to demonstrate to our clients how we can help them achieve their financial goals.

Over the last decade, Madd Loans have been helping Australian’s buy their first home, invest in property, refinance, and best of all – save!

Throughout this time, and from speaking with our customers every day about their ‘property’ dreams, we found that we ended up chatting to them about other areas of their life such as their budgets, insurances and financial goals. This is why we decided to expand our service offering into financial services with Madd Life.

What sets us apart from other financial planners in the industry is we get our customers to really engage with our Madd brand and ethos. The same as we do with Madd Loans.

Our client’s experience is our number one priority.

We believe that we have created some really simple but effective ways to demonstrate to our clients how we can help them achieve their financial goals. We look at all things, from your retirement plan, as well as the protection of what you’ve built, along with how you manage your money. We really have our client’s best interests at heart, whatever their goals are we are here to help facilitate this.

We will then check in with you every year to ensure that you’re on track with achieving your financial goals. This also allows us to make sure your super is working for you; your insurances are up to date, and if your budget needs to be refreshed due to changes in circumstances.

One thing we really drill into our customers is the importance of having a good budget in place.  We think that every Australian should be taught how to manage their finances and having a Madd Budget is key.

The last 10 years has changed a lot in the financial planning space. Both in financial planning and financial services, the old mantra used to be that it was a very commissioned-based industry and unfortunately a lot of people were taken advantage of.  We believe since the royal commission, the financial industry has had a good shake-up, all for the better. These changes have made it safer for the end consumer meaning clients are insured correctly, not over-insured, not under-insured, but adequately insured for their needs. At Madd Life, we strive to go above and beyond this benchmark for our clients.

As you know, Madd Loans is one of Australia’s most awarded mortgage brokers, and we’re taking that same mantra that makes us award winning across to Madd Life.  Everything we’ve built Madd Loans on, same processes, same procedures, the same fundamentals of Madd Loans is in Madd Life. So you’ll expect the same outcome that you’ve had with Madd Loans when you talk to a Madd Life advisor.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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