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How this Brisbane broker went from Young Gun in 2013 to no.11 in this year’s MPA Top 100 Brokers.

Are you a young broker looking to get recognised? Our Young Guns report, sponsored by Suncorp, has helped launch the career of some of Australia’s biggest brokers, and is open for applications now. Here we look at the career of 2013 Young Gun George Samios, of Madd Loans in Brisbane.

Madd – short for My Address – was set up in 2012 after Samios realised he could triple the income he was getting as a Bankwest mobile banker, he told MPA back in 2013 “I was far too comfortable in that role, I needed to back on commission and out of my comfort zone.” With its distinctive lime green branding, dramatic TV adverts featuring him and comedian Vince Sorrenti and slick website Madd stood out, and Samios had $41m of settlements to his name when he was featured in MPA’s 2013 Young Gun report.

Going from Young Gun to just $100,000 off the Top 10 of this year’s Top 100 Brokers report (Samios came 11th) has more to do with process than branding however. Samios’ process – described in the box out – is geared to efficiency, Samios explains: “You don’t want to spend the first 20 minutes of your meeting asking ‘what’s your birthday?’ or ‘where have you been living for the last 20 years?’”

Samios also takes a different approach to referrals. “The wrong way to go about it is asking for referrals” he told MPA “your friends should be your referrers. You should become good friends with your referrers because you deal with them every single day.” Whether taking his real estate referral network out to lunch, opening on Saturdays or simply training with them in the gym, Samios looks to build deeper links. As he puts it: “you’ve got to change your way of thinking; you’ve got to be helpful to everyone, not just in your own business, all the time.”

Evidently, Samios’ approach is working – he wrote $151,714,027 in residential loans alone in the 2015/16 financial year, becoming Queensland’s top broker in the process.