Ranked 9th – The Adviser Commercial Business Writers


Commercial lending; it’s a hard nut to crack, but once cracked can present the third-party channel with significant benefits. So how can you enter into this complex market? The SME Adviser’s Top Commercial Business Writers for 2016 reveal all!

Commercial lending is fast becoming a hot market for brokers looking to grow their business in an ever-shifting financial landscape. Those who do break into the market stand to not only significantly bolster their brokerage’s offering, but also “double, if not triple” their potential revenue stream, as ING DIRECT national partnership manager, third-party commercial, John Kolyvas, points out.

Savvy brokers are clearly catching on to the significant benefits that await them in this space, as the volume of commercial loans written by those at the top of the ranking increased from $141 million (commercial) and $164 million (business) last year to $320 million and $350 million this year. – The Adviser

Madd Loans ranked in 5th for The Adviser Commercial Business Writers and 9th for The Adviser Business Writers nationwide 💚