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Established in 2012, the Madd mission has been to create raving fans from both our clients and our staff through exceptional customer service and strong industry relationships.

Madd Loans owner George Samios describes the business as being built on referrals, and consumers will have a hard time finding a more innovative or dedicated mortgage broking centre in South East Queensland.

In fact, George has a swag of awards to prove it, along with features on “Ready, Set, Reno!” and numerous television broadcasts. By providing a memorable and fun experience for consumers navigating the realms of finance, George has stuck to this simple formula in order to maintain and elevate his brand to the best that it can be.

“Our method is simple – give the client a Madd experience. We have an exceptionally strong team who provide a service that is engaging, fun and stress-free. This has created a compound effect, whereby our clients continue to recommend Madd Loans to their family and friends.”

An independent operator can be your greatest asset when it comes to navigating loan options, as brokers are there to make you happy – not the banks. However, Madd Loans isn’t your average mortgage brokerage, and offer a wide variety of services from car loans to full scale financial planning. Regardless of whether you’re a first home buyer, property investor, or even just want to get financially fit, the team at Madd are ready and waiting.

Home Loans

Regardless of whether you’re a first home buyer, looking to refinance your existing mortgage or are perhaps even a savvy property investor, attempting to navigate to the world of home loans on your own can be tough. Considering the current ever changing market, now more than ever, it’s important to have a reputable advocate on your team. Since purchasing a home is not an everyday purchase for most Australians, navigating the many options can be overwhelming – which is where the services of a mortgage broker can be a life saver. If you’re looking for help when it comes to navigating the world of home loans, it’s time you met with the team at Madd and made the addition of a reputable financial advocate to your team.

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Construction Loans

While building your own home that is customised to the needs of you or your family can be a great experience, unfortunately this can often come with additional complications and ultimately stress when compared to purchasing an existing one. Loans issued for construction purposes typically have a different structure than a standardised home loan. These are designed specifically for people looking to build their own home from scratch, or those undertaking significant renovations. With a construction loan, you generally receive installments of the loan at various stages of the build or construction, as opposed to receiving it all at the start in one lump sum, so talk to the team at Madd today about how to bring your dream home to life.

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Investment Loans

There are many reasons as to why the average Australian would want to start investing in property. For some, it’s about building a financial safety net and enjoying a comfortable retirement, while for others it’s an attractive way to lower their tax obligations. When we refer to investment properties, the term is usually used to describe houses, apartments or townhouses that investors buy, and in turn rent out to another person to live in. Needless to say, the needs and requirements of a property investor differs greatly to an owner occupier, or a first home buyer – which is why it’s so important to ensure that your choice of loan really is the best fit for your financial vision.

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Car Loans

It’s no secret that banking is big business, and if you’re on the hunt for finance to purchase a new car, there are many lending providers to choose from. When you’re a customer in a complex market, the process of obtaining finance for a car loan is more supply driven than demand driven. That is, as a buyer, all too often you are forced to deal with what is being offered, rather than taking charge and settling on the type of finance that you actually need. However, a vehicle finance broker can greatly assist in turning the tables in your favour, and help you to actually apply for a loan and manage the process right through to the final settlement – so why should you trust the team at Madd with this plan of attack?

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Refinancing refers to the process of paying out your current home loan by taking out a new loan. While this can be with the same lender, it is also common to change to a different lending provider for a better interest rate, lower fees or more favourable loan terms as a whole. Those looking to refinance their existing mortgage are increasingly carrying out much of their research online by comparing home loans to review what the market has to offer, but this is when the services of an award winning mortgage broker like Madd Loans can be a game changer when it comes to speeding up the process, and knowing what’s the best refinancing fit for your own individual circumstances.

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Financial Planning

With their entire business built on referrals, the team at Madd Loans have taken the mortgage broking industry by storm. However, after working with a broad variety of clients in regards to their mortgage options, it made sense for the team at Madd to have the capacity to offer a full financial planning service, also known as Madd Life. Despite common misconceptions, financial planning isn’t an exclusive industry or service only for those in need of wealth management. Whether your goal is to aim for an early retirement, purchase an investment holiday, pay down student loans or even to take a year off, financial planning can help you to hit your big goals with a customised road map from the professionals.

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