Testimonial Videos

Michael & Rodoulla

It felt like they never went over and above to give you that next level service, whereas I felt like George’s entire team throughout the entire process were always there and were always so supporting.

Katherene and Tasos

I’ve organised a fair few finances for my properties and I’ve worked with different brokers and the major banks and George has probably come to provide a lot faster and efficient service.

Brodie Stoker 

If somebody was thinking about buying their first property and wasn’t sure about whether to go through a bank or a mortgage broker or somebody like that, I’d say you definitely have to have chat with George at least.  If nothing else definitely have a sit down have one meeting with him because he can explain things in layman’s terms it’s really easy to understand all the technical aspects of buying your first home is just made easy.

Ashley and Leah

With George if you ask a question, you get a straight answer and you get it explained in a way that you understand it.  It’s straight down the line easy to understand how it’s going to be.  It’s just straight up And that’s what I liked about it.

Chris Eske

I would highly recommend Madd Loans for anyone and everyone whether it’s simple or complex they will come up with a result that you will be astounded by. 

Matt Van Dijk

The thing that first stood out for me when I was first introduced to George and what he was able to do was a level of service experience that I don’t get to experience often.

Alfio Romano

What do I like most about Madd?  I suppose it is the service. And it’s friendly service. You can talk to them about anything, the current situation and they’re there to help you and you can see that they’re really genuinely try to help you get the best deal.  So that’s what I like about them I think.  They’re friendliness and the level of service. 

Verity & Peter

I think George went above and beyond what I was expecting. And it was just that overall commitment the work ethic to make sure we got the best deal assessing all our options, which was done very thoroughly and I really enjoyed that.  He made us feel that we were the only customers he had. 

Harry Costi

When we first came to George we had our home for twelve years and we wanted to demolish it and build a new home and we wanted to know what the best way was of going about that and financing it and George was from the very first step with us till it was all approved right through and basically he helped build our home.

Rachael Tiernan

[George] has gone well out of his way to help us refinance our home loan when the interest rate was lowered. And we are in the process of renovating our house, so we need to further draw down our loan, and George and his team are right behind us.

Lana Politi

George went over and beyond what I think anyone could’ve done. I really think it’s natural in him to try hard to give me the best deal.  He went through all avenues all different banks, and then he discussed it with me.  He kept me informed and kept me up to date with what I needed to sign. And at the end we agreed on which one well he suggested which avenue to go.

Nick Underhill

Our first home we bought a unit when we first got married in Holland Park West and the idea of this loan was actually to upgrade.  George was really able to guide us through that process, which is what we wanted to do .  Which was obviously to upgrade and set ourselves up for the future so we really felt we trusted George. Again he knew exactly what we needed and got us the best deal, but first of all we trusted him and I felt like he was quite genuine.

Nick Parker

The best thing about dealing with George, is from the first day that I came in I’ve felt his advice was very transparent. He always had my back and was fighting to get me the best deal possible. 

Johnny Bouahom

I have recommended Madd Loans to a friend and I said, ‘Hey mate, you better go see these guys, you’ll actually be really pleasantly surprised when you walk into the office, how good the staff are. They have this can-do attitude and they will support you through the whole process.

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