Madd Wins Queensland Brokerage Of The Year

Established in 2012, the Madd mission has been to create raving fans from both our clients and our staff through exceptional customer service and strong industry relationships. Madd Loans owner George Samios describes the business as being built on referrals, and consumers will have a hard time finding a more innovative or dedicated mortgage broking centre in South East Queensland.

In fact, George has a swag of awards to prove it, along with features on “Ready, Set, Reno!” and numerous television broadcasts. By providing a memorable and fun experience for consumers navigating the realms of finance, George has stuck to this simple formula in order to maintain and elevate his brand to the best that it can be.


It would seem that this code of ethics has proved to be a winning formula, as both Madd Loans and George himself have managed to take out yet another batch of awards when it comes to recognising the best brokers in the industry. In September, Madd Loans were awarded the title of “Brokerage Of The Year < 5 Brokers” in Queensland, while George himself has taken out the gong for “Broker Of The Year” at the 2021 Connective Excellence Awards.

Proudly sponsored by some of the biggest lending institutes operating in Australia, Connective Asset Finance are an award-winning business platform in their own right, and hold the awards annually as a means to recognise and celebrate the very best contributors in Australia’s mortgage broking industry. According to George himself, his secret formula is combining innovation with a world class customer experience.

“Our point of difference in the mortgage brokering industry is that Madd Loans actively encourages both our new and existing clients to get behind our brand, and to be as proud of it as we are. We pride ourselves on our independent way of doing business, our second to none customer service, and our engagement within our local community. However, this hasn’t stopped us from pioneering new ways of making the world of mortgages fun, as we’ve consistently embraced technology and innovation to improve how our clients relate to their finances. We ask, we listen and we adapt accordingly, and the results include the expansion of our services into end to end financial advice through the development of Madd Life.

With an ongoing customer satisfaction rating of 98%, Madd Loans continue to obtain the vast majority of new clientele through referrals. Each member of the public that enters the state of the art office is greeted with all staff members standing up to address them, continual refreshments, access to boardrooms and even receive a ‘show bag’ containing branded accessories upon their departure. For this reason, a part of the “Madd” experience is actually the office itself – every single one of the Madd clients are treated like celebrities. However, George is also the first to agree that the strength of the brand is all down to the passion of his team.

“I made a conscious decision a few months ago to start making the next generation passionate about the finance industry. One such example of this is with our other in-house mortgage broker Costa – I seem to have successfully molded someone who is actually better at my job than I am. In every single meeting with a client, he’s fully present, treats his customers like his own family, and ensures that his communication is clear and transparent at all times while still getting real results. He is a sponge for absorbing information, and is on the fast track to one day winning awards like Broker Of The Year himself. Other than helping Queenslanders to kick their property goals, watching our young guns flourish is easily one of the most rewarding parts of my job.”

As a result, there is an enormous amount of respect in the wider community for George not only as an employer, but as a mentor, a father figure, and a friend. It’s not uncommon for the Madd Loans team to spend large chunks of time together outside of the office, such as hikes as a team bonding experience, or birthdays on a Sunday afternoon at the local lawn bowls club.

George steers his Madd ship with complete transparency, and has shifted his focus to cultivating a new generation of mortgage brokers, loan administrators and credit analysts of people from all walks of life. In the eyes of both George and his team, combining this sense of family with razor sharp industry knowledge, tenacity, passion and a world class customer experience is what makes them a multi award winning team.

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