madd life shines again!


Team Achievements

The Madd Life Team has had an incredible journey over the past year, marked by outstanding achievements and unforgettable experiences. Last year, they attended the AMAFA conference in Bali, where they proudly received the prestigious 2023 Superannuation & Investment Award. This honour was proof of their dedication to providing exceptional service and helping clients to achieve their personal and financial goals through customised financial plans.


Best Practice of the Year 2024

This month, the Madd Life Team travelled to Queenstown, New Zealand, for the AMAFA conference, where they were honoured with the Best Practice of the Year 2024 award.

The team is thrilled and deeply grateful to have been named Practice of the Year! This prestigious award, similar to being the ‘MVP’ of the year, requires a practice to work hard, maintain exemplary compliance standards and set a good example for others. This recognition highlights their continued commitment to excellence and the hard work of the entire team.


A huge thank you to our amazing customers for entrusting us with your finances and allowing us to help you reach your financial goals. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without your support and trust. Here’s to achieving greater financial success together! Your confidence in our services inspires us to continually strive for excellence and innovate in the ways we serve you.

Winning these awards not only celebrates our team’s remarkable achievements but also provides us with platforms to connect and collaborate with industry-leading companies. These events allow us to share our expertise, forge valuable relationships and contribute to the collective growth and knowledge of the industry.

At Madd Life, our primary focus is to help our clients achieve their version of financial freedom. Through a meticulous step-by-step process and regular check-ins with our dedicated team, we ensure that each client receives a customised plan tailored to their unique needs and goals. From education bonds to budgeting, expenditure monitoring, investment bonds and more, we cover every aspect of our clients’ financial journey from start to finish.


The journey from Bali to Queenstown has been one of learning, growth and unwavering dedication. Their success is not just measured by the awards received but by the trust and satisfaction of clients. Each award serves as a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to providing unparalleled service to all clients.

We are immensely proud of the Madd Life Team for their outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication. As we celebrate these milestones, we look forward to continuing our mission of helping our clients achieve their financial dreams. Here’s to more milestones and continued success in the years to come!

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