The Month That Was

August 2023

Lunch and Lunch @ Fuse

Looking back on the dynamic month of August, we’re thrilled to share some team highlights.

We had the delightful opportunity to host a Lunch and Learn session at Fuse Recruitment. The purpose of these sessions is to deliver valuable knowledge and expertise through captivating educational sessions. They offer an excellent chance for all attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the overall loan process as well as commercial lending and financial planning.

If one of our Lunch and Learn sessions sounds like it could be of benefit to you, we would be thrilled to establish a connection with yourself and your team. We’re not just serving up knowledge, we’re bringing pizza with us to keep your team well-fed, making for a truly educational and rewarding experience.

Christmas in July

We also hosted our annual Christmas in July BBQ. This fantastic event is much more than just a BBQ – it is all about expressing our genuine appreciation and giving a resounding round of applause to our dedicated BDMs and exceptional bank managers.

Surrounded by the delicious scent of food and in the company of good friends, we found a moment to express our gratitude for the collaborative journey we’re sharing. This gathering marked a moment of connection and appreciation. It’s not just business; it’s about the collaborations that make our work meaningful. Here’s to the strength of our partnership and the successes it brings!

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