The Month Of October

Kerry Sainsbury

Credit Success

This month, we were graced with a visit from Kerry Sainsbury the owner of Credit Success Au, an expert in credit repair. Kerry offered valuable insights on how she helps clients improve their credit scores and financial standing. Her meticulous approach and years of experience make her an indispensable resource for anyone struggling with credit issues.

Kerry’s business specialises in a range of credit-improvement services, from default removal and court action or judgement removal to credit enquiry removal and correcting repayment history information. The session was an eye-opener on how to navigate the often-tricky terrain of credit reports and scores. With her wealth of experience and client success stories, Kerry showed us how she helps individuals overcome financial setbacks, improve their credit standing, and ultimately achieve their dreams—be it buying a home or securing a loan.

She delved into her mission of not just correcting credit but educating people on sustainable financial practices, a philosophy that strongly resonates with us at Madd, where we too prioritise educating our clients to make informed and empowered financial decisions.

Villanova Ball

A proud moment happened for me this month, I was lucky to be invited to the Villanova Ball held at the Brisbane City Hall. For those who do not know Villanova is the school I attended when I was younger, in Coorparoo. As I entered the Grand Ballroom, I said to my wife Kristala, “isn’t it remarkable, I used to be called into the principal’s office and now I’m being invited to the principal’s table.” The night helped raise money for new buildings needed for the school. It concreted in my mind how important school is and how Villanova does such an excellent job of creating that community and I believe they make boys become men. I am proud to announce every year Madd pays for a one underprivileged boys school fee via the Terry Hendle Bursary and I will continue to do this every year. 

Zoran Solano

Hot Property Buyers Agency

In our recent team catch-up, we had the privilege of hosting Zoran Solano, Managing Director of Hot Property Buyers Agency. Zoran is not just an expert but also a living example of successful property investment. He shared invaluable insights into how he helps clients with property buying strategies, renovation and development consultancy, as well as property management needs. His wealth of knowledge, rooted in family tradition and honed over years of hands-on experience, was truly enlightening for the team. It’s not every day you get to learn from someone who started his property journey at the age of 19 and has been in the industry ever since! Thank you, Zoran, for sharing your expertise with us.

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