Want to take the stress out of trying to navigate the property market? Then deploying a buyers agent to do handle the leg work could be just what you need. 

Despite public opinion, the services available through using a buyers agent aren’t just for the rich and famous. Most sellers engage a real estate agent to represent them (and their best interests) to sell their property – and yet, it’s far more uncommon for buyers to do the same. 

Whether you are short on time, looking to buy from interstate, or simply need help with getting through your buyers “to-do” list, a buyers agent will help you to source, inspect, negotiate and (ideally) close a property sale based on your specific requirements.  Using one has become an increasingly popular option for buyers looking to purchase an investment property, as their unique insights and connections can help you to hone in on the best possible capital growth opportunities. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Buyers Agent?

Find Property Faster – As we all know, time is a currency in itself, and if you don’t have enough of it on your hands – then the services of a buyers agent can be invaluable. Along with time, they have the energy and resources that it takes to find the property that’s perfect for you. 

Remove The Emotion – Having a third party to keep you “in check” can help to ensure that you’re making sound financial decisions by using your head, not your heart. Sometimes what you want isn’t necessarily what you need, which a buyers agent can objectively point out to you.  

Accessibility – Did you know that an estimated 30-40% of properties are snapped up before they even hit RealEstate.com or Domain? Buyers agents have great pre-existing relationships with all kinds of real estate vendors, and many would prefer a quick sale over top dollar. 

Investment Knowledge – This is particularly important if you’re looking to by your second property as an investment or asset. Buyers agents have unparalleled insights into growth “hotspots” – even if it means looking at one suburb further than you initially planned to. 

Negotiation – Anyone who has ever had to barter over a property price knows that the process isn’t for everyone, and it can be exhausting – especially if you don’t have the confidence. A buyers agency knows when to go in hard in negotiations and when a light touch is needed.

Experience With Auctions – Particularly relevant for interstate buyers and if applicable, a buyers agent can represent, bid and close for you on auction days. By deploying their powers in negotiation, they can sniff out a bargain (or a disaster) a mile away. 

Where Do You Find A Buyers Agent In Brisbane?

George and the team at Madd Loans love referring to other Brisbane based businesses who they can see have a similar ethos and customer service ethic as Madd Loans.  

If you are looking for a buyers agent, Madd happily recommends Josh Sawyer over at Metropole as they only hear great things back from their client’s who have used Josh’s services. Despite receiving no financial gain from this, George has no qualms in recommending Josh for anyone looking for a buyers agent to assist in finding and purchasing their next property. When catching up with the team at Madd recently, Josh shared some of his latest insights into the Brisbane property market.

“We don’t necessarily target units, I’ll tell you why – ultimately, it comes down to supply and demand, which is the enemy of price growth. A lot of our clients are investors, and a lot of our home buyers actually want to achieve some sort of growth in the asset that they buy. The enemy of price growth is too much supply and limited demand. Now with units, you do have some strong demand, but you’ve also got endless supply. They just keep pumping out these massive buildings in a close range to the CBD, which unfortunately creates a little bit of stagnation in the market. We tend to focus on land content in good streets, in good suburbs. The most important element of that argument, is focusing on things that are scarce but also focusing on things that are in high demand.” 

Before committing to the services of a buyers agent, it’s important that you have a pre-approval loan under your belt. Otherwise, if thinking about your financial future strikes a chord with you, then it might be time to speak to a professional. Whether you’re chasing mortgage solutions or a financial fairy godmother, the team at Madd work together as a collective to turn your goals into reality. 

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