Why You Need A Building And Pest Inspection

When it comes to property, knowledge is power – and one of the best ways to educate yourself on the history of a home is through a building and pest inspection. 


While your dream home might look perfect from the outside and to your naked eye, a building and pest inspection can quickly uncover any potential issues with the structure of a property. If you’re informed about any upcoming or urgent issues with a home, you’re then able to make an informed and educated decision about how much you’re willing to part with for it. 

What A Building And Pest Inspection Covers

It’s imperative to make an offer on a property that’s subject to a building and pest approval, as failure to do so could risk you committing to a home that’s going to far exceed your budget (or stamina) in the long term – so what can a building and pest inspection potentially uncover?

Poor Renovations – In the era of “The Block” and “Ready, Set, Reno!” – many Aussies are taking on DIY home renovations that they may not be equipped or qualified to handle. If that new deck isn’t council approved either, it can also run into thousands of dollars to rectify. 

Water Damage – Brisbane and South East Queensland residents have had more than their fair share of floods over the years, so checking for water damage and potential mould issues that could affect the structure of a home is crucial. 

Poor Insulation – Should a home or property be poorly insulated or have insulation that’s been installed incorrectly, this can dramatically drive up the cost of your power bills to cope with the hot or cold swings. Sometimes it’s minor, other times it’s a large scale task to fix. 

Issues With The Foundation – The slab or foundation of a property, along with any stumping if applicable, can rapidly run into the thousands of dollars if it requires fixing. This is one of the more important checks to do, as it may not be visible to the naked eye. 

Potential Roof Replacements – A leaky roof could cause potential damage to a home’s structure, electrical and insulation. A building and pest inspector will check for any potential leaks, along with rust that could need fixing in future. 

Faulty Electrical Wiring – Not only can faulty or incorrectly installed electrical wiring be costly to fix, but if not spotted it can also be quite dangerous. A building and pest inspection will determine whether it meets the current building codes (or not). 

Potential Asbestos – Undetected asbestos is prevalent in many Queensland homes, and can pose significant health risks and lung diseases if disturbed by accident or during renovations. This is something that most people should know about before purchasing a property. 

Termites And Rodent Infestations – A termite infestation is one of the major checks done during a building and pest inspection, as once they take hold in a property’s structure, it can be extremely expensive and difficult to rectify. 

Where To Source A Building And Pest Inspection In Brisbane 

For all your building and pest inspection needs you can contact Andrew Teston at Resicert – We’ve been referring Andrew for over five years now because we know he does a great job. 

Andrew is a full service operation, and covers pre-purchase building and pest inspections, handover defect inspections, vendor inspections, builder warranty inspections, owner builder warranty inspections and pool condition inspections. He also provides a medley of other reports and compliance certificates that are usually required in order to obtain council approval. 

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