Young Broker of the Year 2016 crowned

Australia’s best broker under the age of 30 was revealed at an event in Sydney on Friday, when more than 200 brokers and industry leaders gathered to celebrate the success of the broking industry’s best young loan writers.

Taking place at the Boom Box Marquee, at The Star, Sydney, The Adviser’s Rising Stars event – partnered by Heritage Bank – saw Queensland-based broker George Samios of MADD Loans rise two places in the 30 Under Thirty ranking to take the coveted title of Young Broker of the Year 2016.

The 27-year-old founder of MADD Loans was crowned the winner after writing 346 mortgages totalling $151,714,027 in 2015/16, as well as $79,745,041 in other loans.

Despite broking for just four years, Mr Samios’ success has seen him become one of the country’s best brokers in all age groups, as earlier this year it was revealed that the broker had shot up 23 places to rank sixth in The Adviser’s Elite Business Writers 2016 ranking — a ranking of the top 50 mortgage brokers in Australia.

Speaking to The Adviser, Mr Samios said that although winning awards is humbling, he added that the “best accomplishment is when clients call me back and they come and use us again and again”.

Mr Samios said that being able to employ his mother (who works with him full-time), and support and train his two other full-time staff also makes him “feel happy”.

According to Mr Samios, being young in the industry has its perks. He told The Adviser: “When I was 20 years old, I told my old boss when she was interviewing me: ‘I have got no bad habits, I’m completely malleable, I will become whatever I need to become to be the best’. That’s the thing which a young person has. You have a good work ethic, you have energy, and you have confidence and determination. All you need is to be taught. And you can teach us anything, we can learn anything in three months.

“The best thing about our job is to have good work ethic, morals, hard work and determination and you’ll go far in this industry.”

The MADD Loans founder offered other young brokers starting out in the industry the following advice: “When you first start you have nothing. You just have to be patient. You can’t become an overnight success in one night, it takes years and years.”

However, he added: “People look at you not by your age but by how confident you are. If you’re confident in what you’re doing, then it doesn’t matter how old you are.”

Michael Trencher, head of broker distribution at Heritage Bank congratulated Mr Samios on his win, adding: “As Australia’s largest customer-owned bank, we understand the importance of supporting local communities, and we believe our approach aligns closely with the value brokers add to their clients and communities.

“We see brokers as our partners in helping customers achieve the best outcome possible, and we’re delighted to support activities that grow and build the professionalism in the mortgage broking industry.”

Overall, this year’s 30 Under Thirty ranking revealed that the country’s best young brokers, who have an average age of 27, were responsible for writing a staggering $1.9 billion worth of residential loans.

This year The Adviser welcomed 15 new entrants to its list of young achievers.

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